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thoughtful, responsible and tailor-made research


a space designed for sharing, opening up and expressing thoughts


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We turn market research into an experience that is truly constructive and inspiring for your brand. For each and every project, we redefine and fine-tune our approach to ensure that research-based decisions build your brand in a solid and enduring way.

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    This is possible because at BigBand we are experts in exploring and understanding the relationships between people, products and brands.

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    At BigBand we propose conducting research as a truly shared experience, focused on inspiring the creation of marketing opportunities: from the detection of problems to the production of constructive and innovative solutions.

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    From the moment of first contact, we apply three principles that define BigBand's style of research: collaborate, inspire, go further.

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In collaboration with our clients, we create and design their research projects. Crafting relevant and singular marketing proposals is only possible with a full arsenal of tools and skills honed on a case-by-case basis.


    Innovation comes into play when we cultivate new relationships between consumers and brands/categories. The present is the point of departure when it comes to changing frames of reference and making future projections:

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    Development is of key importance when it comes to devising clear brand-building strategies and providing the information necessary to optimising the decision-making process:

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    An in-depth knowledge of specific target audiences and their lives is of paramount importance when it comes to establishing a tight connection with them and tapping into how they think and feel:

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    Exploration is essential when a solid base of knowledge is needed for strategic development. This can entail a thorough understanding of the full array of motivations and need states that drive a category…

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    little band

    Kids and young people are a special and diverse group, and they need to be approached in different and very thoughtful ways. We approach each stage of development in a specific way. Our team has the training, experience and personal qualities to put kids at ease and get them to open up. Kids can be a vulnerable target. At Little Band we believe in responsible research and advocate conscientious marketing.

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    big plan

    Strategic planning for brands and communication campaigns must be informed by research geared towards understanding and feeling how a given brand figures into the lives of people. To a great extent, brands belong to the consumers who make them theirs, and in appropriating brands, they give them life. As such, we tackle planning projects with collaborative tools and strategic thought, without ever losing sight of the objectives outlined in the creative briefing.

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    health and wellness

    The value of health is trending upwards, particularly for societies facing high life-expectancy rates. The value of health is clear to everyone today. People are so concerned about good health that it has become the focal point of their lifestyles.
    Health consumers are informed: they demand quality and must trust their brands and products. Even when their health fails, people being treated with pharmaceuticals are no longer mere patients. They are increasingly well informed about available treatments and they not only know their rights but demand that doctors respect them, even if they have to go to the healthcare authorities.

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We as a team are passionate about understanding what makes people tick, and what moves and excites them. We are curious by nature and we cultivate the art of questioning things.


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Our time is important to us. We have our fingers on the pulse of everything that is happening and about to happen. The fabric of contemporary society is our area of expertise.
We have a weakness for things that are done with great dedication and an artisanal spirit. You will never catch us coughing up the obvious.

You will always find the door open at BigBand because we deeply believe in the superiority of collective intelligence and we know that we are much better when we join forces together. Producing research with our clients, we have gained experience in a great variety of consumer contexts on both the local and multinational levels.


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    Alberto Sidrach and the team he has assembled at BigBand are amongst the most creative strategic thinkers in Spain. Their work is fresh, honest, enlightening and insightful with a clear focus on the client need and the brand story providing clear, concise and actionable recommendations. Our first call for work in Spain.

    Peter Laybourne
    Chairman & CEO
    Fathom International Ltd.
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    They are our partners in the search for the best solutions to ensure that our brands truly connect with consumers. Agility, creativity and consumer understanding are BigBand trademarks.

    Lina Piedrahita
    CMI Head
    Unilever Spain
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    BigBand are a team of great professionals, the perfect team when you intend something innovative, with a fresh approach to problem solving. In short, BigBand means optimism, involvement, warmth, quality, trust and added value.

    Sara Navarro Mayo
    Market Research & Media Manager
    Campofrio España
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    This agency is one of our favorite partners in Spain; the team is very nice to work with, always super responsive and flexible. Their moderators are very skilled, integrating not only the research questions but also the more strategic dimensions of the topic, and they are very helpful in pointing at the local or cultural specifics to help us to decode what we hear and observe.

    Nathalie Cabart
    Head of International Research
    MSM marketing research


Observations on trends, hunches, reflections, discoveries and sideways glances… We have created this blog so that these conversations are not heard only within the walls of BigBand. We want to share them with you!


    AUTHOR: // CATEGORY: consumer psychology, FMCG, trends

    The fictional works we consume with the greatest fascination compel us with a sense of catharsis in that magical space between the big screen and the spectator, like an exorcism expelling the supressed fears that grip us in that terrifying bubble we inhabit while in their grasp. And it seems we have been particularly fascinated, for a few years now, with a rather dirty, ragged, brusque and dangerous group of people with minimal verbal skills: zombies – yes, sir – otherwise known as the living dead. The success of series like The Walking Dead, the invasion of zombie dolls and figures in our kids’ toy chests, the plethora of bars and clubs with zombie theme nights, and the boom in zombie art are just a few of the countless expressions of contemporary society’s collective fascination with zombies.

    The Walking Dead

    I would argue that this widespread obsession with zombies is rooted in a latent fear of social death; that is, the fear of becoming one of the walking dead, more like animals than humans, driven by the need to eat and condemned to survive, but no longer thinking and feeling individuals.  Continue reading


    AUTHOR: // CATEGORY: child & family, qualitative research

    All too often, childhood is seen as the opposite of adulthood and hierarchical relationships are established in which the opinions of children are either undervalued or completely ignored. While there are signs that this is changing, undertaking actions aimed at kids without including them in the process is common practice in different social areas. Education is one example: only the most advanced pedagogical methodologies ask children what they want to learn and how they want to go about doing it, as active participants in the learning process.

    Marketing is not exempt from this passive approach. So many brands could improve the performance of their projects simply by asking their young consumers what they think of them and observing their preferences. So many companies would benefit from using their research budgets to conduct studies in collaboration with children rather than in an attempt to understand fashion trends and imitate them. The creative potential of children is underestimated by many companies and brands that rely on them as consumers.  Continue reading



    The financial crisis has had (and continues to have) a profound impact on Spanish society. For years now we have been observing major changes in consumption behaviour and in how people think about shopping. One of the most significant changes – one we have all seen – is that consumers today put a lot more thought into what they buy, and they value their money more than they did before the crisis. As such, they are devising their own personal shopping strategies to save money wherever they can.

    But it is becoming increasingly clear that saving money is not the only thing they are interested in. Consumers also want to maintain some pleasures in life. And, in these hard times, they see a world of opportunities opening up before them that is growing significantly and directly related to the search for pleasure (the craze for coupons, virtual outlets, shopping clubs, low-cost leisure activities, etc.).

    Brands offer a world of immediate temptations where it’s all about the here and now. And, faced with these temptations, consumers not only cannot but (more importantly) do not want to resist them. They represent small rewards that make consumers feel better in a context of constant sacrifice and when the only thing people talk about is the crisis.

    These are optimistic reactions to the crisis. They are small temptations that provide great pleasure.

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